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Beautiful Death - Radical Beauty 2015

Radical beauty for me is beautiful and common representation of visual concept. Within that narrative I found unsettling and abnormal images which reveal dialect between figure and dark side is far more interesting than images that served to charm the consumers of glossy magazines and billboards. To capture rapid appearance of someone’s beauty that immediately turn in to disappearance, where good overcome evil in favor of the beauty is something which lead me into my extended research on the subject matter. After an extensive research in to art and history of photography I realised that numbness of the shinning and smiling sensuality, rendering it’s sad and gloominess so that murky of charm of shadows overcome light by its silence and radical beauty. Discovering a journey though it means exploring into a world of death and ghosts of time and space, like crossing a threshold of shadows which takes you though your memory lane reflecting present and past moments, where casts of people’s faces and body’s float, like the relief of landscapes and still objects.

The sensual body and the celebration of our loved once monument of beauty over the years of life energy formula of love set me off to search for a representation able to turn beauty into a mask of the dreadful and the decaying. An opposite where the human figure is transformed into a ghost and almost a funerary body. In this dialect between figure and shadow, I realised that appearance and phantasm that the game of enchantment and glamour dies, making room for the beautiful after life of peaceful silence.

A subjugation of light and white colour that make subject spiritual and beautiful after death, and the myth of ghost of the persons soul that we keep close to our heart that is able to deviate all gaze upon its blackened and disfigured surface, an attempt to capture the representation of sensual and enveloping beauty within dead and existence of the soul after.

I finally found the peaceful and harmonious dialogue with human nature and its unpleasant end, with the aim of striking the viewer with its radical insane beauty that represent presence of perpetual rejoicing.

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Make a mind map

“It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re not sure which direction to take your work in,” says photographer Calvin Chinthaka. “Get a pen and paper and start by jotting down a simple mind map – it’s a great way to develop your ideas. Scribble down thoughts and sketches using different coloured pens to categorise your concepts, and the strongest ideas will soon jump out at you.”